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About the Project

The scientist as singer/songwriter

Once Upon Deep Time is a pop/rock song cycle about the evolution of hearing and our connection to the tree of life.

I created these songs to inspire wonder about our shared natural history and to convey the passion that drives me as a scientist. These 12 original songs tell a story, based on what we know from fossils and the living world around us, about how we came to perceive sound and how sound connects us to a living past.

Singles will be released summer and fall of 2022. The tentative release date of the full album is December 2022.

Beyond the music, the project will include visual media and more to come this Fall 2022.

Latest News

Latest news and developments

  • The latest single, "Theater of the Mind," is available for streaming and download, as is the official video!

  • The debut single, "Dinosaur Songs," is available for streaming and download, as is the official video!

  • All currently available songs can be downloaded on my Bandcamp page.

  • Release of the full album is tentatively planned for December 2022!

  • I am collaborating with Stockton art students and faculty to produce visual content for the project. More to come this fall!

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Dinosaur Songs

The first single, "Dinosaur Songs," is now available on all popular streaming services. An accompanying video is now available on my YouTube channel.


"So, listen outside your window, there are dinosaur songs in the air ..."