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(story by Matteo Iadonisi)

Hear Dr. Bonnan's WHYY radio interview 

(story by P. Kenneth Burns)

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Once Upon Deep Time - The Album

Once Upon Deep Time is a pop/rock song cycle about the evolution of hearing and our connection to the tree of life. Twelve original songs tell a story, based on what we know from fossils and the living world around us, about how we came to perceive sound and how sound connects us to a living past.

I created these songs to inspire wonder about our shared natural history and to convey the passion that drives me as a scientist.
The album features contributions from Samantha Giancarli, David Hess, The Lickerish Quartet, Stockton a Cappella (directed by Neil Aaronson), and my children, Quinn & Maxwell Bonnan
Listen to or download the album or any of the songs on my Bandcamp page:
Listen to or download the album or any of the songs everywhere else:

Lyrics and liner notes

See videos for five of the songs ("Rightside Down (feat. The Lickerish Quartet)", "Into Thin Air", "Dinosaur Songs", "Theater of the Mind", and "Storytellers (feat. Stockton a Cappella & David Hess)") on my YouTube channel:
Latest News

Latest news and developments

Media coverage for Once Upon Deep Time

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Matthew F. Bonnan, Ph.D.

Paleontologist | Professor | Author | Science Communicator | Singer/Songwriter

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